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ALOHA SURF HOTEL is a comedy developed and produced with Jon Stern of Abominable Pictures (WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER, CHILDRENS HOSPITAL). Stars include Augie T, Taiana Tully, Daniella Monet (VICTORIOUS), Branscombe Richmond (FINDING ‘OHANA), Matt Corboy (DESCENDANTS), Shawn Mokuahi Garnett (HAWAII 5-0), Kealani Warner (KULEANA/MAUI) and Alex Farnham (ONE MILLION DOLLA).

The film centers on Tai Alonzo, an ex surf pro forced to take a job at a beachfront hotel teaching obnoxious tourists how to surf. Soon he’s the tennis pro, the yoga instructor, the handyman… he might even be key to saving this family-run hotel from getting shut down by a corrupt county inspector and unscrupulous mainland developer.


  • 2020 Hawai’i Int’l Film Festival | World Premiere, Nominated for “Best Made-In-Hawaii” Feature Film
  • 2021 Best Hawai’i Film Nomination, Hawai’i Film Critics Society

”Consistently hilarious… this locally made independent film, beautifully shot on Maui, is an underdog comedy with a warm center.”

“Inevitably, this will be compared to the kind of zany, character-driven comedies that Adam Sandler still makes (when he’s not starring in prestige dramas) and the comparison is complimentary.”

– Barry Wurst II, Hawai’i Film Critics Society

“One of the funniest movies to emerge from what was an overall sucky year… a local gem.”

– Aron Medieros, MauiWatch

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